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Community Management

With Linkeo, take advantage of the power of networking to promote your products and know-how, develop your community and attract new prospects!

We manage your Community Management to help you achieve 2 objectives:

illustration Grow your notoriety

Grow your notoriety

We manage with you the daily animation of your social networks to share your news, your projects or all the subjects you want to put forward.

Animating your community is essential to gain notoriety and allow more and more people to know your company, or simply make them want to come back.

Growing your notoriety means creating new opportunities for your business!

illustration Build your attractivity

Build your attractivity

More than 70% of people consult reviews about a company before contacting them, so it is essential to take care of your online reputation.

At Linkeo, we thus help you collect positive reviews from your satisfied customers.

Your customers are always your best ambassadors, so our job is to make sure they are heard. We also help you manage negative reviews so that they do not become an obstacle to your business.

How does Community Management work:

Our action starts with an audit of your current online reputation: presence on social networks, posts frequency, reviews management. This step is essential to understand where we are starting from and to help develop the most relevant strategy for you.

Social media posting
We make a publication every week on your different networks (Facebook, Instagram, Google My Business). The topics of these publications are validated with you as part of a monthly editorial planning. Our experts then create the visuals and content to make these publications visible and dynamic - and always in your image!

We create a monthly newsletter to animate your customer community. Sharing your news, changes in your offer, collecting opinions, there are multiple subjects and we validate with you the most relevant communication axis according to your needs.

Review management
Negative reviews can be a big obstacle for your company. To manage them better, Linkeo will monitor your various networks to identify all problematic reviews. Once identified, we help you respond to these reviews (tone, content) to reduce their impact.

Monthly report
Each month we send you a report summarizing all the actions taken during the past month and their impact. We also share with you the actions to come for the following month so that you are always aware of the work done by our experts.

Dedicated expert
From the start, your file is handled by a dedicated expert who will define with you your Community Management strategy : graphic charter, tone to adopt, editorial planning... This person will remain your privileged contact throughout your contract to ensure perfect continuity between your expectations and our actions.

Our Community Management offer


From $320/month

  • Audit of your E-reputation
  • Weekly publication on your networks
  • Monthly newsletter
  • Moderation of negative reviews
Ongoing Support and Services
  • Monthly follow-up reports
  • Access to a dedicated expert

As a trusted partner to more than 20,000 small businesses for over 20 years, we value long-term relationships.

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