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Increase your visibility by optimizing your SEO

Linkeo's SEO expertise can help you dramatically increase traffic to your site and boost your sales

Increase your visibility by optimizing your SEO
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Linkeo solutions are aimed solely at companies and are not open to individuals.
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Success Stories

Why Work With Us?

Grow your visibility

Grow your visibility

Meet the expectations of search engines to optimize your positioning and therefore your visibility

Work on your popularity

Work on your popularity

Registration on directories, backlinks, blog articles, we multiply the opportunities to talk about your site to increase its popularity

Benefit from Linkeo's expertise

Benefit from Linkeo's expertise

SEO management requires time and a real expertise to be always at the forefront of the search engines' expectations. Linkeo can support your compay with over 20 years of expertise

Benefits From Our Expertise

40,000 websites created

Worked with over 20,000 SMBs

Google Partner since the program launch in 2018

Linkeo is Google Partner

How does it work?

Step 1 : SEO Audit

Analysis of the current visibility and performance of your site.

Step 2 : Keywords selection

Selection of the most relevant keywords to grow your visibility.

Step 3 : Editorial strategy

Content organization and writing by our SEO experts.

Step 4 : Internal linking

Linking between pages on the same theme to build their visibility.

Step 5 : Netlinking

Creation of quality external links from thematic sites (professional directories, partner blogs, news sites).

Step 6 : Reporting

Follow-up from our experts and semi-annual performance reports.

About Linkeo

Founded in France in the year 2000, Linkeo is the brainchild of Ludovic Jaffres and his partners. Right from the start, we’ve been the go-to web agency for retailers, construction companies, and small-to-medium-sized businesses.

Channeling over 20 years of experience, we’ll set you up with a brand-new website and solid Internet presence.

Illustration Linkeo +20,000 clients, +600 employees, +40M turnover

Your customers are just a click away

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Difference between SEO and SEA

Alright, so Google has two main types of search marketing: natural SEO, and SEA, also known as Google Ads campaigns. SEO and SEA are complementary. While natural SEO may take a bit of time to take effect, it offers sustainable, long-term visibility. On the other hand, SEA produces quick results, but only during the campaign period.

1) SEO

Also known as natural referencing, SEO stands for “Search Engine Optimization.” Solid SEO often starts with setting up a website so that it is “well rated" by Google and appears as high as possible in search results for relevant keywords (activities and locations).

For optimal SEO, Linkeo experts will work on your site’s structure, as well as its content. At the structural level, they will create “Landing pages” for each of your main activities.

Text and visuals will then help highlight keywords and information relevant to both Internet users and Google.

Tip: Regularly updating your website content has a positive impact on SEO.

Other factors that influence SEO include overall design (responsive web design technology), social media momentum, and an up-to-date Google My Business listing.

While our Traffic Guarantee promises a minimum number of visits per month, we do not commit to a specific position on Google search results.

2) SEA

SEA refers to the use of commercial or advertising links on Google to attract visitors to your website.

These search results appear with an ad sticker, identifying them as sponsored ads.

When you’re ready to launch a sponsored Google Ads campaign, your SEO expert will identify your needs and main activities to determine your most effective keywords.  The purpose of ads and keywords is to help your website attract Internet users who may be interested in your products and services. The campaign is targeted at your customer catchment area. This way, your ads will only appear in searches conducted close to your location, or if a search term includes a specific city within the targeted radius.

Your ad’s ranking will depend on how your bid compares to your competitors’, as well as the overall quality of your ad.  If you have a high number of competitors in your catchment area, your keyword will appear more often in searches, and will therefore be proportionately more expensive. Your budget must be consistent with the number of activities you wish to promote.

How do I check my website’s traffic and visitors?

Good question! Stats let you measure whether or not your website is attracting new customers!

With Linkeo sites, you can easily check out your stats at any time! Here’s how:

1: Log into your admin dashboard:  To access your admin dashboard, you will need your access codes (username and password). Please refer to the detailed instructions available under

“How do I access my admin dashboard?” in the website section of this page.

2: Access your statistics page: Once you have logged into your admin dashboard, click on the “Statistics” button.

Here, you’ll find an overview of your key figures for the current month, including your total number of visitors, your total number of contacts, as well as your total number of visits from specific sources such as social networks and mobile phones.

For a more thorough breakdown, you can click on “detailed statistics” where you can review the relevant information for a selected month or year.

3: How to read your data: In web terms, a visitor refers to an Internet user who is only counted the first time they visit a site, even if they return several times. Visitors are calculated within a specific time period.

For this reason, we distinguish the total number of (unique) visitors from the total number of visits.

During a single visit, a user can explore several different pages (homepage, price page, contact page, etc.). This activity will then count toward the total number of page views.

Other indicators will let you see your peak times and days of the week, as well as your most popular pages and most common traffic sources.

For further assistance interpreting your site's statistics, feel free to call our Customer Service Team!

Will I gain new contacts through my website?

You have called upon Linkeo to optimize the visibility of your site? Thanks to their know-how, our SEO experts work to develop the visibility and therefore the traffic on your site.

1) SEO (we bring you visitors)

Your website SEO is optimized to generate traffic, and target more precisely Internet users interested in your products/services, in your region. It is up to you to convert these visitors into customers!

You want to increase your chances of converting your visitors into contacts? Here are some tips from our experts:

  • make a study of the competition and position yourself in terms of image, price, services
  • reassure the Internet user through labels and certifications
  • put forward your contact information
  • encourage the Internet user to contact you: free estimate, free travel, etc.
  • reassure the Internet user with testimonials from your customers
  • add photos of your stores, work sites, products
  • describe your services in detail (on the Internet, people are looking for detailed information. If they were only looking for a phone number, they would consult the phone number displayed on the Google results page without going further)
  • renew the content regularly

2) Access to statistics, for a concrete follow-up of the traffic (and the generated contacts)

To measure the returns of the site, many tools are available in your administrator area:

  • Number of visits, over the month, over the year (or any other period)
  • Source of traffic (e.g. how many visitors came to your site through your Facebook page)
  • Number of calls received via the call tracking.
  • Number of contact forms received

For more information, do not hesitate to contact the Customer Service